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Today’s Agenda


On a sushi lunch date:

EK and I have had a lot of little impromptu dates this week.  One day we went to sushi for lunch.  We saw “The Avengers” and we also went to a new restaurant in town, Fat Joe’s,    and then went to goodwill.  Sports bars aren’t really our scene but they had an amazing, vegetarian friendly menu.

Anyhow here’s my agenda for today:


Thrifting/Rummage Sale-ing with Sam & EK (I’m waiting to hear some very important news.  So I’m combating my nerves with a bargain hunt…trying not to get my hopes up…BLAH)


Visiting the Time  for Friday Fright Night!

This weekend will be spent working at Younkers, getting ready for our rummage sale, and torturing poor Cosmo as we try to put claw caps on her.  Really, if it doesn’t work, we’re going to scrap the idea and just try to train her not to scratch up my furniture.

Happy Weekend 🙂

Wedding Weekend


We went to Steven & Alyssa’s wedding in De Pere, WI this weekend.  Alyssa looked gorgeous and the ceremony and reception was beautiful.  I’m so happy for both of them.  There were a ton of people there so I don’t have a ton of pictures with the bride and groom but here are some pictures of EK and I.  I enjoyed cutting loose on the dance floor with my favorite white boy nerd ❤  Anyhow, our weekend is best told in pictures. I apologize ahead of time for the cell phone quality pics.  I forgot my camera.

On the Road!

Outfit and Hair (I was nervous because I had to do a reading in front of a TON of people)

No salon for this gal!  I did it myself 🙂

My hot date and I:

EK looked very dapper in his Hawaiian attire (ps, his entire outfit minus the shoes were found thrifting):

Steven, Alyssa, and Myself:

A little while after lunch I was feeling incredibly worn out so EK suggested I go take a break in the car and see if I could rest. I had gotten some sun and wasn’t feeling well. But of course, I had to document the occasion, because honestly, only EK and I would take a “car nap” at a wedding:

Night Night!


Oh, and then there was one of these:

Dealing with Jealousy


Just read an interesting blogpost by Sally @Already Pretty (link is on my blog roll) about dealing with jealousy. I feel like it’s too easy for female friends to fall back into using the words “I’m jealous” (mind you, god forbid if I actually hear “I’m jelly” because I cringe…it sounds so juvenile) as an easy social response.

Read on:


Today’s agenda


1. Survive Summer School. It is hotter than Hades in my classroom. Ginger teacher does not do well with the heat. Nothing is classier than being like “Okay, guys, I’m starting the next chapter. If 12:30 comes before I get back, you are dismissed. Please do not leave until then.” “Where are you going Miss K.?” and then “…never mind…” as I start coughing and gagging to leave the room to puke from the heat.

2. Work at PT employment. Hopefully no one notices I’m not “technically” in dress code. It is too hot in my room to wear something that qualifies for that. I’m in a little closet of an office. Nobody sees me.

3. Meet Mom and pick up baby sis. Possibly putter around the outlet mall.

4. Get elastic for DIY

5. Do whatever baby sis wants to do.

6. Watch scary movies with baby sis and EK.

As always, you got it right ^_^


My Bestie rocks.  She sends me emails of things that I may find interesting.  She’s always completely on point. 


A few days ago was a DIY blogpost on hair elastics.  Perfect timing as I was looking for one this morning and had to go fish one out of Sophie’s toy box.  Yes, my cat has a toy box.  Anyhow, I’m looking forward to trying this soon.  I may go to the craft store tomorrow when I have my sister and have her make a few too. 

Skype Date & Agenda


EK has been reading Terry Pratchet to me before I go to sleep.  I got all sad last night and he grabbed the book and started reading.  That little charcoal blob on the side of his lap is Cosmo. ^_____^


Agenda for today:

Summer School til 12:30

Stop at Younkers and buy this and this (I get 25% off of the prices listed).

Lunch and nap

Pick up Sam from work and go to the gym

Hang out

Clean because my sister is sleeping over tomorrow

Skype date



I don’t feel the greatest today.  My TMJ is acting up. I felt like I spent all night biting my jaw.  It sucks.


+/- (Mundane Details)


– (Yes, I’m starting with the negatives tonight because I feel rather mopey and melancholy right now.)

-EK has been sick.  He is trying to quarantine himself because we are going to Alyssa’s wedding this weekend.  I am reading in it so I cannot afford to be sick.  I also cannot afford to be sick and miss summer school. I miss him.  I haven’t seen him since Sunday night except for a few moments.  I am a sad panda.  He is my constant and it’s really hard to go on without snuggles or just our conversation.  Skype is not the same as face to face.

-Summer School: My kids have been restless.  I don’t blame them.  Two and a half hours is a long time to sit when you are a good student, add in things like focusing issues and other at risk behavior and two and  a half hours becomes a night mare. I haven’t been satisfied with the ways my lessons are going either.  Additionally, I don’t want else I can do to make them want to learn.  This is a frequent problem I have.  I put too much thought into everything and am constantly evaluating myself as an educator.  I want them to want to be happy with their education but, reality is, they don’t care about it.  I suppose it’s why they are in summer school in the first place.

Notice that the aforementioned “negatives” are weighing heavily on me right now.  I had a pretty good day overall, I’m just exhausted and mopey.


+ I had a really good workout today. I am tired, it’s a good tired, and I’m probably going to pass out early.

+ I tried a new pasta mix from Bear Creek (I really like their soup mixes as a base to ingredients I add and doctor) it did not disappoint. Yes, I’m blogging about a product I got at a grocery store.  I am that lost without my boy.

+ I have been spending some time with Sam and it’s been fun.  She’s my gym buddy.  We’re going to hang out tomorrow again and just chill.  It’s awesome.

+ My sister is sleeping over on Thursday night.  I’m going to get her after working at my PT job and then she’s being picked up after my stepdad gets done with work Friday.  I miss her.  I always look forward to having her sleep over.

+ Alyssa and Steven’s wedding is this weekend,  I’m excited to see all of Alyssa’s hard work and planning come to fruition. She’s going to look gorgeous.  I am honored to read in her wedding.  She was even so nice as to center the reading around spirituality and Hawaiian tradition so I didn’t have to be uncomfortable and read something religious.  She is going to be a fantastic wife and eventual mother.  Alyssa is one of the most caring people I know and I am really pleased to be able to share in her big day.


Shoes! (it’s an outside wedding so I had to forgo the heels)

My accessories pick up on the colors of the dress.  I have earrings and a bracelet.


Well EK just called me so I’m off for a skype session. ❤

Summer School


 I started summer school yesterday at 7AM after having approximately 4 hours of sleep and being woken up early by a nervous Miss Sophie because it was raining and starting to thunder.  She had enough courage to have shower time with me and then retreat under the bed for the duration of the storm.  I teach two sections of summer school: English 9 and English 10.  Each section is 2.5 hours long.  Most of my students either qualify for special education services or could be classified as at risk.  I have 7ish kids per class provided more don’t show up today.  They were wild yesterday.  My English 9 kiddos were far more rambunctious than my English 10 ones, surprisingly, because English 9 starts at 7:30am. 

Summer school is a great opportunity for students to make up an entire semester’s worth of work in 12 days.  That’s more than a bargain.  I know they don’t want to be there but I try to remind them of this.  It’s no surprise that I’m having the same misbehavior creep up that I did when I had them in my school-year classes.  It still surprises me that I have to tell them to get their work done.  Honestly, you don’t have a choice to do it–you need to complete everything to pass.  It amazes me that some students continue to push back even after all of this has been explained.  However, this is the “clientele” that I teach: attitude-y, sometimes lazy, sometimes disorganized, and sometimes awesome high school students.


The schedule that I’ve created:


English 9:  We start with DOL (daily oral language) as a “bell ringer” and do vocab relevant to what we’re reading.  I have chosen Steinbeck’s The Pearl. I read to them (which they like, most of them are not good readers) and they have a study guide to use/complete as well.  Tuesday and Thursdays I’ve decided we’re going to do something parts-of-speech related because so many of my students lack basic writing skills. I’m hoping they will be able to write a basic five paragraph essay about The Pearl.


English 10: We start with DOL again, discuss the chapter we read in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, and then write a journal entry.  Then we move onto Chapter 2, I read and discuss plot points, and they have a study guide.  Their final project will be writing an in depth autobiography.

All of the above is happening within the first three weeks.  I have something completely different planned for the second three weeks.

So that’s about it–nothing special.  Did I mention I’m exhausted?