Dealing with Jealousy


Just read an interesting blogpost by Sally @Already Pretty (link is on my blog roll) about dealing with jealousy. I feel like it’s too easy for female friends to fall back into using the words “I’m jealous” (mind you, god forbid if I actually hear “I’m jelly” because I cringe…it sounds so juvenile) as an easy social response.

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About bohemican

"About Me" sections make me feel awkward. I am a 26 year old who often forgets how much I do in a day. I love fashion, makeup, all things girly, teaching, reading, and gaming (when I have time). I am an introverted, awkward, clumsy, English teacher. I'd say the "way to my heart is to..." line but, see, someone's already found that path. Oh and I love cats. English teacher stereotype? Yeah, I fit it.

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