Wedding Weekend


We went to Steven & Alyssa’s wedding in De Pere, WI this weekend.  Alyssa looked gorgeous and the ceremony and reception was beautiful.  I’m so happy for both of them.  There were a ton of people there so I don’t have a ton of pictures with the bride and groom but here are some pictures of EK and I.  I enjoyed cutting loose on the dance floor with my favorite white boy nerd ❤  Anyhow, our weekend is best told in pictures. I apologize ahead of time for the cell phone quality pics.  I forgot my camera.

On the Road!

Outfit and Hair (I was nervous because I had to do a reading in front of a TON of people)

No salon for this gal!  I did it myself 🙂

My hot date and I:

EK looked very dapper in his Hawaiian attire (ps, his entire outfit minus the shoes were found thrifting):

Steven, Alyssa, and Myself:

A little while after lunch I was feeling incredibly worn out so EK suggested I go take a break in the car and see if I could rest. I had gotten some sun and wasn’t feeling well. But of course, I had to document the occasion, because honestly, only EK and I would take a “car nap” at a wedding:

Night Night!


Oh, and then there was one of these:


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