So much has happened


As my subject line implies, so much has happened since my last update.

First of all, EK asked me to marry him on July 9th around 11:00PM.  I, of course, said yes.  I love this boy more than anything and I cannot wait to plan our wedding.  We are thinking fall, primarily October 2013 as our tentative date.  My wedding day pins on pinterest have increased as I search the site daily for cheap, wedding day ideas.  I have so much I want to do!  I have my bridesmaids picked out already but that’s going to be a surprise.  We’re thinking of a wedding party of 6, three attendants each. 

Secondly, I did not get the job at North Fond du Lac.  However, I have other job prospects in the words that I cannot talk about at this time.  I was saddened by this, but I don’t think the district is the right fit for me.  If given the choice between two jobs, I would have chosen to leave the district anyhow.  It was just an additional blow after a very long, terrible, day at summer school.

So what have I been doing?

Teaching summer school for one.  I cannot wait for it to be over.  I am thankful to have employment to help me make ends meet, however, I am ready to be done and enjoy my summer.  Given the last semester of school, I am headed toward burnout and I need the break. Many of my students are not here to make up the credits.  They are here because they were forced to go.  They do not see the value of making up an entire semester’s worth of work in only three weeks.  Most days, I am a glorified baby sitter and it makes me very cranky. 

I am starting to pick up hours at my PT job again.  I am a little nervous about making ends meet in August and September but I will be fine.  I always over obsess about my finances. 

EK and I went to see a local production of Rent put on by the Fond du Lac Community Theater.  It is without a doubt, my favorite musical.  I think, given the space and limited acting clientele of Fond du Lac, the actors did a GREAT job.  I would have appreciated just a little more connectedness from the characters but overall, I was pleased.  It was totally worth the money.

Erik and I also took a day trip to Green Bay, WI last friday.  We visited the following:

The New Zoo.  This was a quaint, spacious little zoo set in a forest preservation area.  It was shaded, which was nice considering it was 90+ degrees.  Bonus, the admission price was only $6.

A Goodwill/Harmony Cafe (which supports the goodwill, also).  I found some good things, a few decorations for my house as well as a skirt and dress.

The Bay Park Square Mall which really didn’t have anything too special except for this cute imports store where I picked up a few things. 

Other than that, EK, Sam, and I are having a rummage sale today. Sam and EK are running it while I am at work today.  I hope we make a ton of money.  Fingers crossed!


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"About Me" sections make me feel awkward. I am a 26 year old who often forgets how much I do in a day. I love fashion, makeup, all things girly, teaching, reading, and gaming (when I have time). I am an introverted, awkward, clumsy, English teacher. I'd say the "way to my heart is to..." line but, see, someone's already found that path. Oh and I love cats. English teacher stereotype? Yeah, I fit it.

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  1. Im so happy for you.

    It’s so funny that probably about a year & a half ago you were a woman who would never get married. I suppose it just takes the right person. ;]

    I better have an invite to this wedding, woman!

    • I think I resigned myself to the idea that I just wasn’t going to find “my” person. And yeah…save the dates and invites… That’s the first daunting task of planning. MD to WI is going to be expensive airfare 😦

  2. This is TOTALLY the best blog I have EVAR read. The style! The prose! The GRAMMAR!

    DAT ASS!

    I’m going to reccomend this blog to all my friends, and as I type this, I’m printing out dozens of paper adverts that I plan to post up all over the greater Milwaukee area!

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