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Today’s Agenda


On a sushi lunch date:

EK and I have had a lot of little impromptu dates this week.  One day we went to sushi for lunch.  We saw “The Avengers” and we also went to a new restaurant in town, Fat Joe’s,    and then went to goodwill.  Sports bars aren’t really our scene but they had an amazing, vegetarian friendly menu.

Anyhow here’s my agenda for today:


Thrifting/Rummage Sale-ing with Sam & EK (I’m waiting to hear some very important news.  So I’m combating my nerves with a bargain hunt…trying not to get my hopes up…BLAH)


Visiting the Time  for Friday Fright Night!

This weekend will be spent working at Younkers, getting ready for our rummage sale, and torturing poor Cosmo as we try to put claw caps on her.  Really, if it doesn’t work, we’re going to scrap the idea and just try to train her not to scratch up my furniture.

Happy Weekend 🙂

Today’s agenda


1. Survive Summer School. It is hotter than Hades in my classroom. Ginger teacher does not do well with the heat. Nothing is classier than being like “Okay, guys, I’m starting the next chapter. If 12:30 comes before I get back, you are dismissed. Please do not leave until then.” “Where are you going Miss K.?” and then “…never mind…” as I start coughing and gagging to leave the room to puke from the heat.

2. Work at PT employment. Hopefully no one notices I’m not “technically” in dress code. It is too hot in my room to wear something that qualifies for that. I’m in a little closet of an office. Nobody sees me.

3. Meet Mom and pick up baby sis. Possibly putter around the outlet mall.

4. Get elastic for DIY

5. Do whatever baby sis wants to do.

6. Watch scary movies with baby sis and EK.

Today’s Agenda:


1. Begrudgingly work at PT job for all of 2-3 hours.  My hours were cut in June and maybe even part of July so I work Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  I was hoping to have this for supplemental income over the summer but the retail powers that be decided otherwise.  I’m trying to smile when I have off because I know I need the R&R more than anything.

2. Consume entirely too much strawberry shortcake bread that I bought at the Farmer’s Market yesterday. Dear Great Harvest Bread Co. thank you for the jesus bread of which I am about to consume.  Done and done.

3. Stop by Papa K’s house and be the back up listener for his call with his insurance company.  He is making the push to get hearing aids.  I make a lot of his phone calls for him.  It’s stressful sometimes but he does a lot for me and I try to participate in this father daughter phone ritual without complaint.

4. Visit EK and Cosmo  (EK’s petite feline princess). EK and I have cleaning/organizing to do at both of our houses to prep for potential house sell/move in time.  Today is desk organization day.  #organizingfreakofnature

5. Waupun for this: and maybe this:  (Turtle please and thanks)

(It should be said that while I am not a huge proponent of the mission statement of Bargains Galore (funding central Wisconsin Christian Schools and I’m a public school teacher…whaaaat?), it has the cheapest furniture I have ever come across and I am in need of a dresser/shelving unit for my office.)

6. Nap.  Nap. Nap. Nap.  I don’t mess with nap time.

7. Summer school curriculum stuff which is deserving of it’s own post.