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Professionally Defeated


I’d love to write a really long post about what all happened to me today–but as it deals with my career, some things are just better left unsaid I guess.  I’d rather be professional than vent on the internet.

Instead, I’m talking to my Bestie and trollin’ makeup sites looking for ideas and things to add to my wish list.

“This is going to seem random but I just had to tell you that I am very thankful for our friendship.  There’s never any drama and I can rely on you for anything.  Thank you.”

I received this from a good friend via text message today and I really needed to hear it.  I won’t put their name on blast on the internet but, I can’t say enough how much I needed to hear this today.  So, you know who you are, thanks again ❤

I stumbled upon this gal via Bestie convo.  Definite recommended reading:

My Fit Decision


As always, you got it right ^_^


My Bestie rocks.  She sends me emails of things that I may find interesting.  She’s always completely on point. 


A few days ago was a DIY blogpost on hair elastics.  Perfect timing as I was looking for one this morning and had to go fish one out of Sophie’s toy box.  Yes, my cat has a toy box.  Anyhow, I’m looking forward to trying this soon.  I may go to the craft store tomorrow when I have my sister and have her make a few too.