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List: Thanksgiving Break Edition


Today I am mourning the loss of some one whom I considered to be a part of my family. While we aren’t related by blood, my people are my people. Death sucks no matter which way you swing it.

On that happy note, today marks the end of my Thanksgiving Break. It was the first Thanksgiving in 10 years that I enjoyed retail free. I read a lot of blogs over break with the intent to get myself back into the habit of blogging regularly. I miss it and
should make time for it.

My break in List Form:
EK and I rearranged many rooms in our house. It looks spacious and clean.
I watched Oh Brother Where Art Thou
Spent a lot of time at the “in laws to be”
Packed four days of lesson planning into Sunday Night
Toasted to Tippy
Thrifted (duh)
Relaxed (sleeping in, staying up late, and napping)

It’s currently 6:51 while I type this sentence. I need to leave on a very sad drive back to school. I know I’ll get back into the swing of things because I love my job but damn if I didn’t love my break too.