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Farmer’s Market Handwriting Analysis


EK and I went to the Farmer’s Market after rummaging today. EK was pulled into getting his handwriting analyzed by an apparent author, handwriting expert, genius analyzer extraordinaire. He had us write two sentences: “I am at the Farmer’s Market today. Today is Wednesday.” and went from there.

According to my handwriting:

I am an Inductive Reasoner

True.  I tend to be an “abstract” thinker and don’t need specific, concrete examples to understand concepts.

I am a Leader

True. I don’t feel like I should elaborate on this one. 

I have a lot of Drive

True.  Taking over a subbing position at noon for the next day?  Orchestrating an entire high school production?  Taking over the Forensics Coach position?  Working 2 jobs? Need I say more?

I could be an Artist/am very creative

Initially I was going to school for art.

I am under a lot of Pressure

True (see drive)

I need to learn to be more Flexible (EK rolled his eyes at that one)

True.  I can’t promise anything, but I am trying as EK and I combine our things and have sleepovers.

I was brought up in a household with a lot of morals/religious background

True in some cases, not true in others

While I was brought up in the aforementioned type of household, my communication was stifled at times so I internalize a lot

-True.  I tried to express myself a lot through how I dressed and was judged a lot for it.

I am into Nature

I like nature, but it doesn’t like me

I am a “take charge” individual and run a “tight ship.”

This describes my classroom.

I am efficient

-I try to be as efficient as possible as often as possible.

I could run my own business

He suggested I become a private tutor…and further suggested that I write off everything in my taxes.

My IQ is high

-Apparently.  I am not huge on IQ tests or any tests to really determine intelligence.

I am not material or  a “money grubber.”

Semi-true.  Obviously from my last post, I love to shop but I am definitely budget friendly.  


So are most of these things generic?  Yeah, of course.  It was fun anyhow.